“For nearly 40 years we have learned that it is not a bargain if the meat doesn’t show up on time.”

Our customers have a right to expect and demand the right product, the right quantity, the right temperature, at the right time. Therefore, we have invested heavily in logistics, providing truckload or LTL in a JIT environment. Today, more than ever, customers have smaller inventories and less room for error. Our customers have confidence that we will always be there when they need us, through every step of the process. We do this by using our own contracted warehouses, our own contracted truck lines and direct communication with all the ship lines on our imported products. In short, we strive to always avoid last minute surprises.

Where we are Located: Our headquarters is located in Denver, Colorado. We also have an office in the Philadelphia area.   Our customers have the advantage of working with a small company that possesses all the capacities of a larger one.