We offer domestic as well as imported beef from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Central America, South America, and Mexico. Our diverse product line includes boxed beef cuts, both lean and fat trim for grinding, as well as an array of offals. We also offer a wide selection of organic, all natural, grass fed and specialty meat.

Domestic – Fresh Ready Supply

Colorado Foods is proud to have long standing relationships and open terms with every major packer in the United States.  We also enjoy relationships with all of the cow/slaughter, smaller packers, and fabricators throughout the United States that date back over 30 years.  We can meet any particular demand you have.

Imported – Value Without Compromise

Colorado Foods imports a wide variety of beef.  Imported beef offers several advantages not offered by domestic beef. Every plant that we do business with is export approved and inspected by the USDA. They are fully compliant with HACCP regulations, and all plants are USDA certified. Our imported beef products meet the most stringent hygienic standards, are fully traceable throughout the supply chain, and implement strict temperature controls.  Furthermore, both foreign object detection and pathogen detection is in place at every critical control point.  Colorado Food Products maintains regular plant visits to continuously and personally ensure product quality standards, as well as to maintain direct relationships with all suppliers. This allows for streamlined, hassle-free resolution of claims, timely responses from quality, and assures optimized document requests from foreign plants. Colorado Foods will provide value making your work process more efficient.  Colorado Foods imports from:

  • Australia

  • New Zealand

  • Ireland

  • Uruguay

  • Central America

  • Mexico