For almost 40 years Colorado Foods has been a leader in innovation of the imported meat market.  A pioneer in the importation of thin meats and value added cuts.


  • Develop close partnerships with our vendors and end users. Helping everyone in the supply chain increase their margins while never compromising in quality.
  • Specialize in private labels, marinating, value adding, increased yields and controlling center plate cost.  We increase accountability throughout the supply chain, and are the innovators and pioneers in our industry.
  • Through our extremely knowledgeable sales staff we assist customers with designing custom co-packing programs for restaurant chains and food processing and foreign plants. Our goal is to reduce our customer’s costs while providing them with top quality customer service that is specific to their needs.
  • Our size allows us to tailor programs for every customer while still being large enough to get the job done and bring value to the vendor.
  • We are excited to present this unique history and company philosophy to the seafood industry.  Our expansion into this new frontier will allow Colorado Foods to remain relevant and vibrant into the next generation.

Corporate Responsibility:

We are very aware that our actions have a global impact on humans, animals and the earth. We take our responsibility seriously and are actively involved with Stout Street of Colorado, The Denver Federation, local police and firefighters, and the Brem Foundation. Our goal is to continue active involvement in the local community as well as increasing our efforts in the global community. We would like to become an example of what is possible including, but not limited to, health education efforts, and increased food diversification and availability for inner cities.